Brian’s works now available

A selection of Brian’s novels, screen/radio plays and short stories is now available on the ‘Works’ page of

Copies of all the works are available to purchase by contacting Brian’s literary manager, Iain Potter. (Details on the page itself).

Brian’s exhibition at the VHS Augsburg

On 31st July 2018, the anniversary of Brian‘s passing, the VHS in Augsburg staged an exhibition in his honour. Students past and present were able to take a journey through Brian‘s remarkable life and work that took him from the UK to Italy, France and Germany. Here are some images from the exhibition.


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Brian Deakin Exhibition

Brian Yorke Deakin worked for over 30 years as a lecturer at vhs-Augsburg.
On Friday, June 15, 2018, an event honouring Brian’s life and works will be held at the vhs from 14:00 – 18:00.
The event will also premiere a film about Brian’s varied and colourful life.

(A trailer for the film can be seen below.)

..and here’s where the exhibition will be held.

“Spirits” by Brian Yorke Deakin

A course on one of Brian’s books, “Spirits” will be available at the VHS, Augsburg from 4th May 2018. Click on the cover below for more details.

What’s behind the mysterious incidents at Castle Mac Brand in Scotland? Have fun with various activities and expand your vocabulary as we read a detective story written by Brian Deakin. The course is aimed at students who enjoy reading and would like to improve their speaking skills. The course material will be provided.

spirits cover